Learn how to create...

What if you honed your ability to create?
What if your eye becomes so sharp that you’re able to create embroidery grids on your own?


That’s what I suggest you do with a little set of monthly embroidery.
Let me share with you what I have understood about the springs of creating embroidery grids over the past two decades.
When you’re an embroiderer there’s always a time when you ask yourself, “What if I created my own grid?”
But faced with the complexity of the mountain to overcome, we give up quite quickly. What for? because even if there are dedicated software, none replaces a human eye exercised, and finally one fails in front of a blank page.

But what is creating an embroidery grid?

It means choosing and harmonizing colors between them.
An embroiderer is a colorist, she colors her canvas with threads and in doing so she tells a story by following lines, curves.
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Why don’t you use your scraps of wires and canvases?
If you’re like me you’ve certainly accumulated bits of this and that and sometimes even tons of this and that. A piece of linen here, half skeins there etc. not to mention the various pearls and charms.
During these exercises you will take in your falls as much as possible. This will empty your drawers to make room.
Each month, you will be able to download your new space liberating grid and creative liberator.
The idea is to make yourself autonomous while having creative axes to advance in his abilities and talent.
Afraid of not having time?
Don’t panic. The exercises are done in such a way that you don’t have to embroider everything to understand and learn.
While some exercises need to be assimilated through practice, others require only intellectual understanding.
My goal is to awaken in you the way you look at things: colors, shapes, their interactions.
Some months you won’t want to embroider, or you won’t have time, or the pattern itself won’t please you, but you won’t lose anything.
Rest assured, even so you will always learn something.
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3 subscriptions are possible:
8/month – a grid with a drawing and 2 examples of achievements from this drawing to be inspired, but there are no color references because I tell you again: you have to take in your stock of yarns.
So you are not totally left to your own devices because there are examples, but of course the best thing is to get rid of them.
So no guidelines you are totally free of your embroidery.
€12/month – a grid with a drawing and a working axis that guides you to work your grid and exercise your eye with examples.
It is a job both directed because there is an intention, but free because you are the captain of the ship: it is up to you to load the colors.
With these exercises you will gradually be able to take control of your own creations with the right method.
€30/month – the same as in the previous subscription with my critical opinion (constructive and thoughtful) on your book.

Choose your colours

a free-to-use grid
8 / per month
  • Grille
  • Color suggestions
  • No color references


Grid and directed creation
12 / per month
  • grid
  • Color references
  • Creative axis


Intention - Annaïck's private return
30 / per month
  • Referenced grid
  • intention
  • VIP look back at his book
Our exchanges:
Your books will be published if you wish and will receive applause from all girlfriends. And if there are enough of you, we will be careful to create a moment of exchange around your experiences.
The Why?
I’ve been thinking for a long time about proposing these exercises because I know you’re asking to understand how to create beautiful embroidery. So here I put on my plastic arts teacher’s cap, which has been abandoned for a number of years combined with my embroidery/creator cap. It should be fun and rewarding for you as well as for me.
Personally I can’t wait to see the immense creativity of each.
Subscription and termination terms:
If you are already a customer know that the first exercise will be free. You will receive an email with all the instructions.
If you are not yet you can also have a free month by registering for a minimum of 3 months.
You can cancel your subscription at any time or switch to another lower or higher subscription. Again you will be totally free to continue or not, to upgrade or not. For example one month you want to have a VIP return and take the biggest package and then go back to a basic package the following month etc. You’ve got the Hand!