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Arthur Mercerie Special

Son Lamé Gold and Silver, Mohair Wire, Pearls


King Arthur Special Mercery:

1 Ivory white Mohair yarn
2 tonkin Lamé gold 1014 (green) yarn cards – 1016 (yellow)
2 cocoons Caudry Lamé silver 3084 (beige) – 3057 (brown)

9 kinds of pearls:
Emerald pearls 2 mm
Small transparent pearls green fir 1.5 mm
Ancient midnight blue beads 2 mm
Small bright orange beads 1.5 mm
Small ivory beads 1.5 mm
Small, very bright green beads 1.5 mm
Small dark red beads 1.5 mm
Ancient Bordeaux pearls 2 mm
Medium red beads 2 mm

to note :
All grids are bilingual French/English.
Those created since 2014 are also in Russian.

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