Aries (Grille/Chart)


(Think about adding the canvas and the special haberdashery…)


Embroidery at the Point de Croix, based on an illustration by Sandrine Gestin, from the book “Under the Sign of the Fairies”,
Editions Au Bord des Continents, 2010

Size: 113 x 139 points, 17.5 x 63 cm

Grid: diagram symbols black and white, color lines

You’ll also need:
Old pink Lin Zweigart Belfast 12.6 yarn/cm
DMC milled wires sorted,
1 needle to embroider
1 beaded needle

Special Mercerie:
1 Black and Coppery Little Cured Reel No.35 SilkWorm
4 bags of extra fine pearls Silk Reflections No.353, 26B, 740, 2

Complete your basket with the linen coupon and the corresponding special haberdashery available below

à noter :
Toutes les grilles sont bilingues Français/Anglais.
Celles crées depuis 2014 sont également en Russe.

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