Feutrines for framing Orchestra

Merino wool leaf/Rayonne


Leaves of felt x 2 for framing the Musicians of the Strange Cabaret.

2 sheets are enough to make the 8 frames
Patron provides with your order.

Beautiful wool felt: 2 shades of red for a matte and mottled look Red Cherry – Red Chiné.
(DMC 321 – 816)

Very easy to cut, embroider and sew, you will appreciate this beautiful material very pleasant to handle.

For all your handicrafts and especially the framing, the quality felt perfectly accompanies and emphasizes your works.

Composition: 35% merino wool – 65% radiates.
Size: 2 x 45 x 30 cm leaves
Thickness: about 2 mm.

Maintenance: Like wool, defrost with steam iron on a woolen position. Prefer dry cleaning.

à noter :
Toutes les grilles sont bilingues Français/Anglais.
Celles crées depuis 2014 sont également en Russe.

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