Nimuë 20th Anniversary Mystery Mini-Kit (Mini-Kit) 4-month subscription

Mystery Grid (Patron/Pattern)

23,00 / month for 4 months

Did you miss the news and disembark now and think it’s too late? well not really.

Registrations are now closed…. if you wanted to start at the same time as everyone else.

You can start at any time, but you will receive the documents later than the initial group. If you are still interested Add to cart!

In the shoes of a designer: Mystery Chart (mini-kit)

  • Through this experience, I invite you to touch the heart of creation. We are going to embroider together the next pattern of Nimuë.
  • On a natural linen canvas 70 x 80 cm 14 threads or 12 threads we will progress together, step by step, until the final bouquet in May.
    Then you will have one month to finish your work by hand.
    But we’ll talk about that later.
  • You don’t know the reason, therein lies the mystery. Be aware, however, that it could be the synthesis of what you have liked about Nimuë over the past 20 years.
  • As soon as you register, you will receive a 14 thread natural linen coupon by default. If you want 12 threads, please specify. (Similarly if you want aida please specify even if I advise against it.)
  • You will also receive 2 embroidery needles: 1 x n°26 (files) + 1 x n°10 (beads)
  • By email, you will receive the parts of the chart to embroider as I progress myself in its development.
  • Some parts will be left on hold and will be resumed at the very end for finishing.
  • When all the crosses are embroidered and the time for finishing comes, you will receive the necessary special threads and accessories.

Ready to play the creative game? Sign up!

à noter :
Toutes les grilles sont bilingues Français/Anglais.
Celles crées depuis 2014 sont également en Russe.

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