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Shaman (Grid/Chart)


(Think about adding the canvas and the special haberdashery…)


Embroidery at Point de Croix, based on an illustration by Séverine Pineaux, Agenda
Enchanted Cats, ed. Abdc

Size: 130 x 158 points, 21.5 x 25 cm

You’ll also need:
Natural Lin 12 yarns,
DMC milling yarn,
1 needle to embroider
1 needle to embroider the beads

Grid: diagram symbols black and white, color lines

Special Mercerie: Special:
1 TONKIN Metallic Wire Card (Ets Toulemonde) No. 1005
1 copper metal bead 8 mm
5 copper metal beads 6 mm
1 extra packet small pearls No.241 raspberry Silk Reflections

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to note :
All grids are bilingual French/English.
Those created since 2014 are also in Russian.

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