Small Manifesto of the Embroiderer

Inspiration booklet


This book is intended for those who lack confidence and most often think that they will not be able to accomplish this or that task successfully.

Are you one of those who say:

I won’t make it it’s too hard for me I’ll ruin everything
I’m not good I’m sucking
it’s not for me and if I miss?

… then this book is for you
and… also for those who think they don’t need it
Read and re-read it until you soak it up deeply and share it with your friends or offer it.

Format 10.5 x 15 cm, 32 pages

P.16-17: embroidery grid

à noter :
Toutes les grilles sont bilingues Français/Anglais.
Celles crées depuis 2014 sont également en Russe.

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