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Mic and Mac T2 booklet (Grille/Chart)


(Think about adding the canvas and wires on request…)


Embroidery at The Point de Croix, characters after E. Ferronnière, Mic and Mac, ed. Abdc
Mic and Mac booklet created by Annaïck Chauvel

Collection of the following grids: Mac 3, Mic 3, Mic 6-Le Chat!, Mac 6 Saves Who Can!, Mic 7 Frail, Mac 7 Tricote, Mac 8- Linen, Push-Café.

Grid: diagram symbols black and white, color lines,

You’ll also need:
Embroidery canvas of your choice
DMC milling yarn,
1 needle to embroider

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to note :
All grids are bilingual French/English.
Those created since 2014 are also in Russian.

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