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Price policy

In France prices are controlled. We can’t do anything. This is not the case in all countries. The prices you will see here as well as those at our partners can vary by a few euros. If the gap is greater it is because the trade or the online site seeks to gain market share vis-à-vis its competitors. But originally all buy at the same price.

If you see an online site that sells at 20, 30 or   40%   or even 60% cheaper think about the counter-fashion. You may receive a similar package but very different quality materials inside.

How do you make a price? The price is the result of an addition of the price of the materials included in the product, multiplied by a coefficient that makes it possible to be sure to be able to live from what one does. 

Nimue is distributed in more than 40 countries either directly to embroiderers via this site, to shop or website merchants or distributors. 

I can’t control everything so thank you for reporting me (or not) any anomalies you might notice.

On this site, the prices you see are the prices I recommend to my partners, the ones that are the fairest.
Everything you buy here goes to the support of the creation and the sustainability of Nimue.

Good year


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