Nimu is coming to celebrate his 19th birthday! who would have thought ????

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Fairy Viviane: Patatras!

Viviane, The Lady of the Lake: Episode 4 is online

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Fairy Viviane: episode 2
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Creation in progress: episode 1
Promotion of the month: The Lady of May. If your birthday arrives in May, or if you have a gift to make, this luxury box is for you.
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Fairy Dust
Chapillon embroidery
Easter: Lili the hatching
Ritournel Embroidery
King Arthur
Fairy Coprins

Fancy Broder? talent doesn't wait!

Remains of threads: what can I do with them?


From scraps of threads and fabrics, learn how to create your own grids

How do I choose the colors?

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inform... Choosing Your Colors
Couple Royal

For a metallic effect I chose to mix Lamé Gold and Lamé silver yarns with DMC cottons. The effects of these high-quality yarns from Toulemonde/Sajou are subtle and refined. No flashing but a discreet evocation of the richness of these mythical characters as the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Logres.

New jewelry for Victoria

“My intention has always been to create fascinating grids to embroider.” Annaïck Chauvel


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