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Nimuë presents Matoomuch!

Matoomuch from an illustration by Séverine Pineaux

Et voilà Matoomuch is now available in kit and sheet form. Just click on the links above according to your preferences. Don’t forget to add the Haberdashery Special and the Vintage Linen cream coupon if you take the grid alone.

Matoomuch chapeau
Matoomuch perles
Matoomuch plume paon

Matoomuch fan over black Paris Silk, for a precious satin finish.

When Matoomuch, his hat and his corseted clothes are embroidered, it is time to move on to making the fan in a Black Work spirit.

After the very first stitches and the choice of main threads, the pattern begins to take shape.

Creation of a cross stitch embroidery: Matoomuch

Nimuë has just turned 20 and it's time to celebrate!


5 new embroideries on sale for the next 10 days

20 years of counted stitch embroidery: Fairies, Enchantresses, Goblins, Elves, Leprechauns, ,..

Embroidery ride
Alice's Armoury


Complete kit or chart based on an illustration by Stéphanie Léon

On 12-ply Zweigart natural linen, Algiers Silk + pearls

Cat Nicolas

Merry Christmas

Complete kit or chart based on an illustration by Séverine Pineaux

On Zweigart 12 count natural linen.
Red beads and gold thread

123 White Christmas
1, 2, 3 Christmas

Christmas decor

Onward to the Christmas holidays with this illustration by Erlé Ferronnière.

Complete kit or Grid on linen or iridescent white Zweigart aida.

Grelot and Son Tonkin

Merlin Child

Child Embroidery

Kit and chart for this simple subject to embroider. Why not teach your children or grandchildren to embroider with a theme that is dear to them: Merlin the Enchanter.


Silk Headdress

Mini-Kit or grid from a painting by Sophie Busson.

On natural linen 14 threads Zweigart, pearls, Paris silk threads mixed in the headdress + bi-color metallic thread.

Retrospective years 2002 to 2022

New Item!

History of Creations: Episode 2

Enchantment, Little People, culture and tradition

History of Creations: Episode 1

The choice of Images, what we embroider makes sense

drunken hat embroidery
Drunk Hat
Poussière cadre
Fairy Dust
butterfly embroidery
embroidery mirror
Mirror with Girolles
embroidery coprins
Fairy Coprins
fisherman embroidery
bagpipes embroidery
Awakening of a fairy embroidery
Awakening of a Fairy

Why do I embroider? Why we embroider…

Where does embroidery take us? Embroidery useful or useless?

The Beginning: Prologue
The First Steps of the Mystery Grid

The first steps of the Mystery Grid

Choose your embroidery fabric: aida or linen?

to see in: Advice from Designers

Aida and linen don’t oppose each other, they just don’t tell the same stories.

Winter Elf
Cru Embroidery boilers


I think I'm becoming Nimuë-addict 😁 For the record, I discovered the Mic & Mac series 20 years ago, when my children were very young. I followed the evolution of Nimüé from afar, and recently, I followed the Viviane saga. I have been passionate about the Arthurian legend since my childhood, and the character of Viviane in particular. As I already have several large works in progress, I refused to add another one of this magnitude. But I think I'm going to crack, now that I've touched this very special style 😍


Available in grid and Mini-kit!

Arthur and Guinevere Comper
Episode 8: Revival

In this article I share with you the 16 tools that I use every day in my embroidery practice.

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Creation course

MacStitch and WinStitch cross stitch software
Interpreting an image

Fancy Broder? talent doesn't wait!


From scraps of threads and fabrics, learn how to create your own grids

How do I choose the colors? While having fun with pretty little patterns enter step by step into the secret of creation

PDF and podcast

inform... Choosing Your Colors
Remains of threads: what can I do with them?
inform... gradients

“My intention has always been to create fascinating grids to embroider.” Annaïck Chauvel


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