Nimue Creation Step by Step

A few months ago, more than a year ago, I realized that Nimue, although having an Arthurian name, had not yet created embroidery subjects from the Arturian Legend. What?
It seemed incredible that after more than 17 years of being called Nimue(The Lady of the Lake),nothing, no character, transmitted this culture that is the breeding ground of my inspiration.
An opportunity would allow me to embark on the realization of this Arthurian pantheon: an invitation to Moscow, as guest of honor of a fair art of the thread – crafts, Formula Rukodiela in February 2020.
The first cross-stitch subjects were Guinevere,then Arthur,the Royal Couple.
Now it is the turn of the beings of the Other World, the Enchanter and Enchantress: Merlin and Viviane.

Viviane, The Lady of the Lake



When an illustration inspires me, that is, it lends itself to an interpretation in embroidery, and my little embroidery heart awakens, then I bug it on a wall, right next to my desk. This means that I will see her and see her several times a day for days and days, months and months, sometimes years…

This means that before I start, I know her by heart.

I love this illustration for a long time and it was even on the cover of my catalog for some time because Viviane and Nimue are both avatars of the Lady of the Lake.
1- The canvas
For this new pair I chose a different marbled Zweigart canvas. I chose the color of the Other World: white. Symbolically this makes sense, because that’s how we know if we’ve swung into magic when white comes before our eyes.
2- Tones
The cape is in the center of the picture, I’ll start with that.
Although the character wears a red cape, I decide to go instead to red/pink, to move away from what was done for the first 2 characters. The color references will be completely different.
I create a first shade of pink/red and then a second brighter one before choosing the softest,
it’s played to nothing, just a quarter of tone less bright …
This choice will determine the general direction of embroidery. If I’m wrong, all I have to do is cry or do it all over again. This happened to me a long time ago for another Nimue, Nimue Sepia. Perhaps I would tell you this one day in History of Creations.
3- The grid
On my computer, in a dedicated software, I will ask the first points by recording the colors I have chosen. The software will memorize my choices and keep my palette. On my screen I can now see an area of dots that I have just created, I will be able to start embroidering by following this beginning of the grid.

Follow the progress of this new challenge here:

be continued… Viviane Episode 1

Viviane, The Lady of the Lake, by Nimuo after an illustration by Elph’s Zephir.

Annaïck Chauvel

Annaïck Chauvel

Welcome to the story of Nimue’s Creations. Here I share with you the How and Why of these creations.

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