Merlin Tree (Grille/Chart)


(Think about adding the canvas…)


Embroidery at Petit Point, after a work by
Carmelo de la Pinta
Size: 126 x 146 points or 14 x 16.5 cm

Grid: diagram symbols black and white, color lines

You’ll also need:
Unifil web 9 pts / cm
DMC milling yarn,
1 needle to embroider

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This is a tapestry made at the Petit Point or half a cross point 1 wire on 1 wire.
What is exciting about this technique are the variations. We’re embroidering with four threads! Sometimes 3 light wires with 1 dark wire or 2 light wires with 2 dark wires etc. This allows the intensity of the zones to vary. It’s really fun and also very fast because you only make half a cross.


à noter :
Toutes les grilles sont bilingues Français/Anglais.
Celles crées depuis 2014 sont également en Russe.

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