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Nimue Creation Step by Step

A few months ago I wanted to write about the creative process either in general or the particularities related to a specific topic in progress. And as these articles are acclaimed by many of you, I continue…

In this part of the site you will therefore find articles that tell how a creation is developed step by step, mixing technical, economic and poetic questions.
And above all, do not hesitate to leave your comments at the end of the article. Good reading !

Parade finishes, episode 4

Yum yum accessories

How to say… The sky has just fallen on my head.
In the last episode I exulted because my wonderful Gold thread filled me with joy. Except that.. three or four hours after sharing this article with you, my supplier writes me an email to tell me that this thread already DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!
1- Gold Thread
But uhhhhhh
The manufacturer has already ceased production of this yarn and no longer has any spools in stock!
I’m a little breathless. I cry internally for a few seconds and I go back on the road. I search the internet looking for the latest reels available around the world and I find… 5!
I buy them all. Too bad for the cost, I want at least the Members of the Creative Club to have their original yarn.
There I have to laugh.
I laugh at Life playing tricks on me.
That she’s still naughty…
I must admit that this last year has not been a long calm river, quite the contrary. What I experience in embroidery, I also experience in life: frustrations, annoyances, han, han, han…
Even if the obstacles are linked, there are solutions, always solutions.
We will say that despite everything the project is except question gold thread because the reels found here and there will allow to deliver the haberdashery sets in good conditions.

What a hard time... with this thread

2- Now let’s move on to the mini-accessories: the buttons.
I have to say that the mini buttons I found are magical. They are exactly the right size. There are 2 kinds. I could have settled for one kind but it’s richer with two . And they are so adorable that I do not want to do without them.
However, one type will dominate because it is not a haberdashery!
I place the buttons on the work and see in what proportions they are placed. While respecting the image and what I know of a garment, I will still eliminate certain elements so as not to overload.
Now is the time to decide how many of each. These will be:
  • 18 Baby Doll
  • 4 mini buttons
Obviously I can’t put it everywhere otherwise we wouldn’t see the embroidery.
To represent the other clothing buttons, we understand that I cannot use these again because they are disproportionate, in other words: too big.
I will use :
  1. a 1.5 millimeter light bronze metallic mini-bead for series of buttons such as on pants or vests. But it won’t be enough, I need an intermediary between this mini-pearls and the buttons.
  2. I choose a metallic Marron Glacé embroidery bead and not a bronze one to enrich it with an additional shade. Otherwise it would be too monotonous, too systematic. It is also a little larger and measures 2 millimeters.
Obviously this mini pearl of nothing but so important will ask me to look for a new supplier in a new country because nobody has one in my usual circuit… it’s the series.
I must admit that when I fixed all these pretty accessories I felt completely happy. It’s just perfect and graceful. The former costume designer that I am agrees with what I see there. I find it beautiful and it makes me feel good. I ask no more.
What is easy with us embroiderers is that simple little things are enough to make us happy.
3- Special yarns
A few special silk or mohair threads bring the light or the material necessary to tell other subtle but essential details.
a- Paris silk
We have already seen in the previous episode (3) that white Paris silk was used to make the flower petals.
With this thread I will also embroider the details of the bagpipes of the central character. In satin stitch. I create the frills of the edges of the bagpipe air pocket as well as the bases of the drones, plus the strings.
b- Brick Mohair yarn : pompom of the beret (super cute and very effective!)
c- White Mohair yarn : flowers in the hair of the butterfly fairy as well as in the wings. It’s a nod to the sepia collection created at the end of the 2000s.

What do we have left to do???? Lots of things !

4- Musical instruments and flagpoles and banners
a- drum sticks : originally I thought I would use small kitchen wood picks. But it’s too crude. I cut them in 2 to see, tried to tint them with tea. But this is not satisfactory. Finally I will embroider them, taking a bundle of threads together and twisting them to give a wood effect. It’s much more elegant!
b- Bombarde : In the same principle but enriched with metal thread, the bombarde takes shape by using many cotton threads together but of different shades to create grain effects typical of fretted wood.
c- Banner poles : another way, through the use of bundles of wires together, to create wood effects.
In the superior Club version, the staff of the butterfly fairy will be replaced by a very worked, very decorative object.
5- Bells and Ropes

a- Strings : 2 choices

  • either I embroider
  • either I find a thread that will give the rope effect.
  • I chose to embroider the ropes as at the time in La Balançoire . I wanted to recall what Nimuë produced at different times.
Those who want to lighten the embroidery work should know that choosing a ball of linen or a mixture of rather matte fibers will undoubtedly have a nice effect too. However, think of a very flexible material to be able to fix the bells exactly as desired.
b- Bells : super enthusiastic with these bells of different sizes in bronze color. When I think of all those years when I would have been delighted to find some… This time, it’s done. They are there and in quantity!

The joy of pretty, well-proportioned bells

Rope and bells…

6- Name: Nimue 20 years old
Let’s remember the reason for this topic: Nimue’s 20th birthday!
On the banner I embroider My Name: NIMUE. I can say that this Arthurian name has brought me luck throughout these years.
I thank him for the aura he gave me, for the discussions he provoked.
This is the magic of the well-named.

This new article ends here at the same time as this first grid proposal.

I imagined 2 versions.

  • This first one is the simplest and yet it is not.
  • The second will be enriched with decorative elements to fix and not to embroider for those who are not afraid of having sore eyes… it’s going to snap!

At least that’s what I imagine but I expect everything now…

See you for the rest: Parade Finishes: Episode 5…

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Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!

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Welcome to the story of Nimue’s Creations. Here I share with you the How and Why of these creations.

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